Lyssabeth's Owner and Wedding Officiant Maureen Thomson

When my daughter was in kindergarten, she completed a project that was entitled "The Most Important Thing About Me". It was a great idea, because it taught the kids to really sift through the many facets of their lives and produce one "best" thing. I guess if I had to tell you the "most important thing about me" in regard to my role as the owner of Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants, it would be that I am passionate about my work. I love what I do and it shows in the quality of the work that Lyssabeth's offers. I love the creativity that our officiants get to express through a wonderful and innovative ceremony; I love getting to know new people, learning about them and their "stories" and how those can be incorporated into a memorable ceremony.

I take particular delight in trying new things for ceremonies and sharing ideas that have worked for other couples. There is simply no better "job" than working with a couple to create a joyful, unique and memorable wedding day experience.


My history is irrevocably intertwined with the history of Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants. I won't repeat that entire story (it's here, if you're interested) but will instead tell you a bit about me personally.

Me--the Edited Version

Gosh, where to start? (I gotta tell ya--this feels a little like writing an ad for the personals column. "I like karaoke, red wine and long walks on the beach...") I am a native New Englander, born and raised in Rhode Island (yeah--they "tawk" funny, but I've managed to lose most of the accent so I don't totally embarrass myself at weddings). I spent a good portion of my adult life living in Vermont, reveling in the beauty of that gorgeous state. It was a great place to raise my daughters--whose names are Bethany and Alyssa, and if you think those names sound familiar, you're right. That's where the business got its name.

In 1995, I moved to Colorado, where I have the joy of living in another beautiful state. It's here that I started Lyssabeth's and fell passionately in love--both with the man who was ultimately to become my husband and with creating and performing memorable wedding ceremonies for others. My job is not work--it is simply what I love to do! My education and training are in the areas of human service and social work, and if you've read the history of how Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiant's came to be, you can see how those talents easily lent themselves to officiating.


I married the love-of-my-life-and-my-reason-for-living, Jeremy Myers, on December 18, 2007, two years to the date after we met. I figured by getting married on the same date that we met, he'd be more inclined to remember our anniversary. So far, so good.

Over the years, my role in the business has evolved to one where I officiate fewer weddings, concentrating instead on the overall growth of the business. Some couples can still snag me for their wedding, however, so don't hesitate to ask. (I'm still pretty good at it--it's kind of like riding a bicycle once you get the hang of it!)

My Other Loves

What kind of Grammy would I be if I didn't take this opportunity to showcase my grandkids! (Humor me.) As of this writing, I have in my life precocious Kaydi, Bobby the outdoors man, and the ever-inquisitive Preston. We've got one more to join us--a baby boy to add to the clan in May of 2016.

I do have other interests besides my family and running Lyssabeth's. Jeremy and I love to travel and we've been all over the world. I'm also an avid reader. I can whip up a home cooked meal with the best of them, love, the ocean and I'm a walk-a-holic. I sometimes go weeks without taking my car out of the garage.


I also own another business called Blue Sky Elopements, which offers elopement wedding packages in California and Colorado. Check it out if you're planning an informal small wedding and want an all-in-one package.

Lyssabeth's and Me

I personally respond to every inquiry that comes our way before turning couples over to work with their chosen officiant. The officiants that work for me are too amazing for words and while I know that each couple who comes through our metaphorical doors will be in excellent hands with any one of them, I do like to interact with each of our couples personally as much as possible.

I so love hearing all of your stories, as I hope you have enjoyed mine and if we haven't chatted yet, I look forward to doing so soon!

Mary & Chuck Married in Leadville on Aug 23,2014

Maureen came out to Leadville, CO to officiate our ceremony and we couldn't have been more pleased! Because we were out of state until the wedding, she set up a Skype date beforehand to visit with us. She gave great advice and when we met in person it felt like we had known her all along. She knew that we wanted a ceremony that felt personal and meaningful, while still including our sense of humor and she delivered! It was light and funny while meaningful and deep. We are still receiving compliments on our choice to use Lyssabeth's. I couldn't have asked for more and would recommend her to any couple.



Me with some of my crew on the occasion of Alyssa and Joel's wedding in 2009.