Lyssabeth's Basic Ceremony

...a short and sweet wedding ceremony

The Basic Ceremony offers a pre-written script that may be performed as-is, or you substitute your own vows for ours.
This affordable, beautifully-worded ceremony lasts approximately 10-12 minutes excluding processional/recessional time.

Lyssabeth's Basic Ceremony

Our Basic Ceremony is designed for the couple seeking something short and sweet but not boring and cookie-cutter! It saves both time and money by eliminating ceremony-editing and writing time as well as in-person meetings with your officiant (everything is done via phone and email).

Think of the Basic as your out-of-the-box, tastefully-worded wedding script!

We offer the Basic Ceremony in five pre-written versions (suitable for weddings and vow renewals). These ceremonies are designed to be performed as written and are priced accordingly.

Price is $315 in most areas ($450 with rehearsal).


The wording of the Basic Ceremonies is the copyrighted property of Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants, LLC. The scripts cannot be legally used by any other officiant.​ If you ask a non-Lyssabeth's officiant to perform one of these ceremonies, you will be putting them in the very difficult position of violating copyright laws. Please respect the proprietary nature of these ceremonies and the work it took to create them. We sell one-time usage rights for a nominal fee. Please contact us.

How It Works

You will consult with your officiant beforehand via phone and email and he or she will help you put together your processional order and other details of your ceremony. Prior to the wedding day, your officiant will email you a detailed, personalized ceremony script. We'll also schedule a 15-20 minute phone call a few weeks before the wedding to go over the script and answer any questions you might have.

Your officiant will always be available via telephone and email to answer handle any ceremony-related issues.On your wedding day, your officiant will arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony, line up your wedding party and ensure that they get down the aisle with style and finesse. We'll also use that time to coordinate with your musicians and photographer to make sure everything runs smoothly.


What's in the Basic Script?

Our beautifully-worded, pre-written ceremony scripts contain the following:

  • Processional
  • Opening words (also known as the greeting)*Statement of Intention (the "I do's")
  • Vows (Use ours or your own)

  • Exchange of rings
  • Signing of the marriage license (either during or before the ceremony)
  • Final Blessing/Closing Words
  • Pronouncement 
  • Kiss
  • Recessional

What's Included

The Basic Ceremony includes the following:

  • Phone and email consultation with officiant
  • Your choice of pre-written ceremony in the setting of your choice
  • Written script of your ceremony
  • Unlimited number of guests
  • Arrival of officiant 20 minutes prior to start of ceremony
  • Coordination, line-up and cuing of wedding party
  • On-site collaboration/coordination with other ceremony vendors
  • Performing of ceremony by one of Lyssabeth's professional wedding officiants
  • Option to add a rehearsal
  • Filing of license

What's Not Included

The Basic is not designed to accommodate the following:

  • In-person meeting with your officiant*
  • Edits/rewrites of the ceremony*
  • Ceremony additions such as unity candles,
    readings, etc.*
  • Combining of 2 or more of our pre-written scripts into one customized script.*

*The Basic Ceremony provides telephone and email consultations only. An in-person meeting is not necessary. If you'd like to add an in-person meeting with your officiant, we're happy to do so at a slightly higher fee.

*If you'd like to have a 10-15 minute phone consult with an officiant prior to committing, then please feel free to do so with our complements. Just let us know.

*The Basic ceremony is designed to be performed as written. Minor additions and edits (or the combing of two of our pre-written scripts into one) can be accommodated at a slightly higher fee. If you want a more customized ceremony, then we suggest our Classic Custom Ceremony.

Listen to the Basic Ceremonies

A written script will be provided to you upon booking. In the meantime, enjoy the audio of our Basic Ceremonies 

NonReligious (Civil) Wedding Ceremony

Nondenominational Religious Wedding Ceremony

Spiritual/Contemporary Ceremony

Second Time Ceremony

 Ceremony Including Children

Juli & Justin  Married at The Tapestry House on June 11, 2015

We did the cheapest package which made me a little nervous considering our officiant was going to be the main guy for the ceremony and we didn't know anything about him. However everything was awesome!

Our first phone call was really all that was needed; he made us feel so much better and really is the kind of guy where you meet him once and automatically feel like you've known him your whole life!

Our officiant was super nice and got everyone to laugh during the ceremony which really helped the vibe stay upbeat and positive! The wording was perfect! Short but straight to the point! We were so pleased with everything!

Interested in the Basic Ceremony? Here are your Next Steps

  1. If you haven't already done so, listen to the Basic Ceremonies above.
  2. Look over the bios of our Colorado officiants to see who resonates with you the most. 
  3. Complete our contact form and tell us how that you're interested in the Basic and give us a few details about your wedding.
    We promise to get back to you within one business day. If you'd like a faster response, call us at 720-360-1094.