Boulder Wedding Officiant Tim Holwick

New to Colorado, I am excited to meet as many new people as possible and officiating weddings provides a truly unique and wonderful way to do that. I grew up outside Philadelphia and lived in the city with my wife for the four years prior to my move out to Colorado in 2014. There are certainly things I miss about that city, specifically its history and late nights admiring the skyline on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps from right where Rocky raised his arms.

But that being said, I am very excited to be living in Boulder, CO! Pennsylvania has its fingerprints all over my personal and professional background as I received my Bachelor's degree from Penn State and my law degree from Temple University. Both of my first full-time jobs in compliance were located there and I proposed to my wife in front of Independence Hall. However, we both decided it was time for something new. After a while monitoring job boards, we landed in Boulder. I was immediately drawn to the intense natural beauty, opportunities for outdoor activities, and the lust for life held by most of its residents.


My college major was English, so one of my main interests continues to be reading. That love for language blossomed into public speaking skills and an eye for detail during my time in law school. Oddly enough, that time in law school also led to an interest in American political history, with a spectacularly dorkish affection for the legislative process. I do not practice as a traditional lawyer, but find great satisfaction working in regulatory compliance. One positive side effect of this career choice is that it generally affords me more time for part-time activities such as officiating weddings!

When I am not reading, I can usually be found playing trivia, watching movies, or attempting to become an outdoorsman of Colorado standards. Hopefully being an Eagle scout gives me a head start in that department. I am also occupied by the closest thing I have to a child, which is a Shih Tzu who, despite only weighing twelve pounds, manages to dominate our apartment with his presence. Watch out for those cute dogs; I cannot stay angry at him no matter what he does. I am also an avid sports fan, and have happily absorbed Denver teams into those for which I am willing to cheer. Until an unlikely Broncos vs. Eagles Super Bowl develops, I do not see that becoming an issue.

At my own wedding, I had the benefit of my wife's close work colleague being qualified for the officiating task. He was attentive to our requests, and expressed an interest in getting to know us. I found the experience wonderfully meaningful and pleasant. Later on, I had the privilege of standing in as officiant for a close friend's wedding and found the experience singularly rewarding. When I first spoke with Maureen at Lyssabeth's, I was pleased to find her so focused on making the ceremony work for the couple's specific tastes. As I was once happy to have an officiant amenable to my wife and my requests, I jumped at the opportunity to provide the same service to others through Lyssabeth's. I hope to be able to make your day as special as it can be.