Lyssabeth's Classic Custom Ceremony

...a personalized and creative ceremony

The Classic Custom Ceremony allows you to develop a personal relationship with your officiant
as you collaborate on designing a customized wedding ceremony that reflects your unique love story.

Lyssabeth's Classic Custom Ceremony

The Classic Custom starts off with a free introductory meeting for you to see if your chosen officiant's style fits with what you're looking for. This meeting also allows you the opportunity to review our extensive collection of ceremony resources and brainstorm ideas with a pro. (This meeting is best if in person, but if you're planning your wedding from out of town--no worries. We can chat with you over the phone or via Skype video).

The Classic Custom offers you the opportunity to co-create a ceremony that is beautifully written and performed, and has a warm and personalized feel. We offer wording selections from a wide variety of options and you're free to add your own wording to any part of the ceremony, if you wish. Our philosophy is that every ceremony reflect the values of the couple, so it can be as religious, spiritual or secular as you want to be.

You'll work one-on-one with your officiant, so by the time your wedding day rolls around, you'll be good friends. Generally, couples meet with their officiant twice--for the complimentary meeting above as well as a second meeting to write their customized ceremony.

Price is $475 in most areas ($625 with rehearsal).


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How It Works

  1. Review the bios of our wedding officiants and select the one that you feel might be a good fit for you. 
  2. Send us an inquiry and give us a few details about your wedding and which officiant you're interested in.
  3. We'll respond promptly and give you a price quote and let you know if your chosen officiant is available for your date, time and location.
  4. If you want to proceed, we'll forward your contact info to your officiant, who will email you within one business day to set up either an in-person, Skype or phone meeting (your choice).
  5. You'll meet with the officiant, get a sense of his/her personality, get all your questions answered and review our extensive list of ceremony wording ideas.
  6. After the meeting, go home and talk things over. If you decided you want to book our services, then send us an email and let us know.
  7. We'll email you a link to our online contract and easy booking system. Your officiant will put a temporary hold on your date at this time.
  8. Complete the contract, make payment via credit card . You can either pay in full or pay 50% at booking and the remainder 30 days before your wedding. 
  9. We'll email you a signed copy of your contract and let your officiant know that you're good to go.
  10. Your officiant will email you ceremony wording ideas, samples and templates. You can review these at your leisure and begin to pick out wording that you like. You're free to add wording that is not among our resources as well, so start gathering those ideas if that's what you want.
  11. A couple of months before the wedding, you'll meet with your officiant again (in-person if possible) and together you'll put together a draft of your ceremony.
  12. Further edits after that meeting will be done via email. You'll ultimately end up with a detailed script of your wedding ceremony.
  13. On the wedding day, your officiant will arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time to take care of all the pre-ceremony details to ensure a smooth wedding day experience. They'll take care of the license, line up and cue the wedding party and coordinate with all the other ceremony vendors (like musicians, venue coordinator and photographer).
  14. Your officiant will deliver the ceremony flawlessly. There will be much joy, laughter and happy tears.
  15. Ceremony over! You're officially married! People will hug you and ask how long you've known your officiant because he/she seems like an old friend. This is normal for one of our ceremonies.
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What's Included?

Our Classic Custom level includes the following:

  • Getting to know you meeting (initial consultation) and one ceremony-writing meeting
  • Telephone and email consultations
  • Individually-written ceremony
  • Written script of ceremony
  • Arrival of officiant 30 minutes prior to ceremony for pre-ceremony coordination
  • Performing of ceremony
  • Filing of marriage license
  • Optional rehearsal (additional fee applies)

Our Ceremony Component Options

If what you're looking for isn't on this list, let us know. We're happy to incorporate any other components into the ceremony.

Core Components

  • Processional Options
  • Opening Words
  • Statement of Intention (I do's)
  • Vows
  • Exchange of Rings
  • Final Blessing/Closing Words

Additional Options
(choose up to three)

  • Unity Candle
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Sand/Salt Ceremony
  • Four Directions
  • Blessing of the Hands
  • Ceremony of the Elements
  • Hand Fasting
  • Bowl of Blessings
  • Words to Parents
  • Wine Ceremony
  • Wooden Box Ceremony
  • Additional miscellaneous. cultural options (Breaking of the Glass, Jumping the Broom, Celtic Bells, etc.)
  • Vows to children

Other things you may want to add

  • Readings
  • Songs
Jessica & Justin  Married at The Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center on October 12, 2015

We were in a huge bind when our original wedding officiant/friend had an emergency and had to cancel his travel plans two weeks before our wedding. Through a quick google search I stumbled upon Lyssabeth's and sent them a frantic email in hopes they'd have someone available on such short notice. Maureen was extremely prompt in returning my email and immediately connected us with one of her officiants.

He was more than amazing and he radiated positiveness. You can absolutely tell that being a wedding officiant isn't just a job for these folks. Our officiant was excited to be part of our wedding and extremely professional and knowledgeable. Not to mention personable and friendly. We weren't able to have our friend officiate but our officiant felt like an old friend.


Interested in the Classic Ceremony? Here are your Next Steps

  1. Look over the bios of our Colorado officiants to see who resonates with you the most. 
  2. Complete our contact form and tell us how that you're interested in the Classic and give us a few details about your wedding.
    We promise to get back to you within one business day. If you'd like a faster response, call us at 720-360-1094.