Colorado Springs Wedding Officiant Christian Hansen-Hake

One of the most beautiful and memorable experiences in anyone’s life is the wedding day. I am a huge fan of weddings! Aside from the birth of the first child, it is the greatest milestone in life. I was Forty-one when I married and it was fantastic! It was in 2006 and I still look back on that day as the best day of my life. In February, we stood in an arch way in front of a two story stained glass wall and expressed our love for each other. With our families looking on, and my stepchildren standing at our sides, we promised to commit our entire being to one another. This is why officiating with Lyssabeth’s is perfect; I get to share the joy I felt by providing ceremonies unique to each couple. There is nothing more amazing than the look in their eyes during their wedding.


I live in the beautiful Fountain Valley just South of Colorado Springs and next door to Fort Carson. An interesting tidbit is that Fountain was originally slated to become the state capital until an explosion at the main train depot almost destroyed the town. In true small town form, we now celebrate the explosion with a street fair and dance known as the Fountain Blast Dance. I live here with my husband, three stepchildren, four dogs, and two cats. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Management with a minor in Psychology and until 2015, I ran my own business as a chocolatier.

One of the most amazing things about living in Colorado is all of the nature. There is so much beauty in our “backyard”, from the Garden of the Gods and North Cheyenne Canyon to the Broadmoor and the Pike National Forest. I have hiked and visited just about every place available in this area. I have even been a camp counselor above Woodland Park for both summer and winter programs.


I was born on Fort Carson and, due to my father’s stint in the military, have lived all over the world and the states. At S.H.A.P.E. (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe) I lived in a “village” with eleven other nationalities. My experiences growing up have given me a passion for different cultures and traditions. Meeting new people has become a passion in my life.

I am also a die-hard animal lover (if having six fur babies didn’t explain that). One of the funniest stories I can relate was when we were stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State. My family and I were exploring a creek and had to wade in the water to get to our next destination. I was in the lead (as usual) and when I came around a blind corner, there was a bull elk standing in the middle of the stream, grazing on reeds. Fearless me, stepped forward to pet his nose when my father came up behind me and grabbed me away. I protested the whole time.

I'm thrilled to be officiating under the Lyssabeth's umbrella. I perform ceremonies in Fountain, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park and Green Mountain Falls.