Colorado Springs Wedding Officiant Lisa Jasper Preble

I never wanted a wedding ceremony. Yes, I am a girl! And don’t get me wrong - I LOVE WEDDINGS. But I was 30 years old before I married and thought I was a little too old to have such a fuss. Thankfully, my husband-to-be insisted on “such a fuss” (how’s that for role reversal?). We compromised on a small ceremony performed by a close family friend in a very special location, Flagstaff, Arizona.

In a sunny meadow near the peak of Mt. Humphrey, our officiant performed an absolutely magical and unforgettable service. We had Native American blessings, a reading from the Old Testament and an officiant in Celtic garb. I was a believer from that day forward, not just in marriage but in the “creation” of that marriage through ceremony. Our friends created a ceremony that was so US, and that day remains the foundation of our lives together - the vows we spoke, the sacred moments in the beauty of nature.


I go with my gut. When the opportunity to work with Maureen and Lyssabeth's Colorado Springs Wedding Officiants came along, I felt an immediate PING! I am so unbelievably excited to perform wedding ceremonies that are as unique and memorable as each couple.

I feel that the love and creativity that go into the wedding ceremony provide a framework for the marriage. Although the vows spoken are of the most sacred, a wedding should be filled with happiness and joy in each other. To be a part of such an outpouring of sentiment and sincere emotion is a true gift and blessing.

I've been a wedding officiant since 2008 and serve Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Monument and north to Larkspur.


Despite degrees in Psychology, International Studies and Business, “Mom” is the name I go by most often. My husband and I have six children (his, mine and ours) although they have this pesky habit of growing up. With a 15+ year age span between the oldest and the youngest, they keep me hopping! Trust me when I tell you there is very little that surprises me anymore!

I am also a martial artist with over 20 years of training and teaching under my belt. I have literally had to roll with the punches through the years. When I have free time, I read voraciously, sing in the shower and play with my family. I love being outdoors, and I have come to love Colorado for its natural beauty, but I must be honest when I say I am still getting used to the SNOW!

I was born in Hawaii, lived most of my childhood in Charleston, SC and moved to Redondo Beach, CA to marry the man of my dreams. The transition from beach bunny to snow bunny is a work in progress.

 Kim & Patrick Married on January 3, 2012

We hired Lisa to perform and ceremony and could not have been happier. From the first meeting she was so informative and helpful. She really helped us create the perfect ceremony for us and suggested some wonderful ways to include our son in the ceremony. Lisa gladly accommodated all of our requests and made everything run smoothly. She even handled the lack of lighting to read by...totally our fault by the a complete pro and never missed a beat.

She conducted the ceremony with a nice mix of solemnity and levity that brought both tears and laughter from everyone involved. Even though we only met her a couple of times before "the day", it felt like she was an old friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa or Lyssabeth's to anyone looking for a truly special and joyous experience.