Saving Colorado Springs from beige wedding ceremonies since 2002

Lyssabeth's Colorado Springs Wedding Officiants

Serving Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument, Larkspur and Woodland Park

Our Colorado Springs wedding officiants perform ceremonies from the top of Pike's Peak to the Garden of the Gods and in just about every wedding venue you can imagine. We're on a mission to eliminate boring (a.k.a. beige) wedding ceremonies from the face of the earth (or at least in our little corner of Colorado!). We'd like to add you to our list of couples who've choose a fun and joy-filled ceremony over a cookie-cutter snoozer.

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, we're the anti-beige!

We specialize in officiating nondenominational, secular (civil) and interfaith wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals throughout El Paso and Teller counties and in south Douglas County, including Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Palmer Lake, Monument, Woodland Park and north to Larkspur.

We share a passion for helping couples tell their unique love story and we are absolutely grounded in the philosophy that all expressions of love are valid. To that end, we create your ceremony based on your expressed values. The choice is yours.

Getting (and being!) married rocks! We'll make sure that your ceremony reflects that every step of the way!

Why Choose Lyssabeth's

Confidence  We've been officiating since 2002 and have performed ceremonies for thousands of couples. Our officiants are hand-picked by Lyssabeth's owner Maureen Thomson and then we train, practice, evaluate and train some more until our officiants can do this in their sleep--no matter what curve balls get thrown at them.

Variety We have both short & sweet pre-written ceremonies as well as  customized versions. 

We honor all faith paths (or lack thereof) and all couples.

Fun While we're not stand-up comedians (Do you really want that at your wedding ceremony anyway?), we're all about infusing a spirit of joy and laughter into your ceremony. We'll put a smile on the faces of your guests even before they hit the bar!

Reassurance We're a group of Colorado Springs officiants, so in the unlikely event that something happens and your assigned officiant can't make it on your wedding day, we'll have a backup officiant there before you even realize there is a problem.

Convenience Our contract-signing and payment process is all done on online in an easy-to-follow procedure. No printing, faxing or snail-mailing needed!

Time-savings We don't make you wait to hear from us. And we can do meetings in-person, on the phone or via Skype video if that's easier for you.

Peace of Mind Our goal is to keep you and wedding-day stress as far apart from each other as we can. Read our reviews!

About Our Officiants

Lyssabeth's officiants are personally chosen by Lyssabeth's owner and long-time wedding officiant Maureen Thomson. We require that all our officiants complete our extensive (and intensive!) in-house officiant training program.

While each officiant brings his or her own unique personality and officiating specialties to Lyssabeth's, we all share some common beliefs:

  • Every couple deserves a ceremony that reflects their individual beliefs. Therefore, each Lyssabeth's officiant performs every type of ceremony, including secular (civil), nondenominational religious, spiritual-but-not-religious and interfaith.
  • Ceremonies are about celebration. To that end, each officiant--while demonstrating appropriate respect for the momentousness of the occasion--is equally committed to infusing every ceremony with joy and laughter.
  • Same-sex couples are warmly welcomed.

Officiants serve under the umbrella of Lyssabeth's in regard to pricing, contractual stipulations, and ceremony resources. Our officiants are part of a unified, interactive association of qualified officiating professionals dedicated to providing topnotch wedding ceremonies throughout Colorado.


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Ceremony Choices Simplified

...because ´╗┐finding the right ceremony for you ´╗┐shouldn't be complicated!

We start with two ceremony levels. Click on each one for details.

Don't worry if what you're envisioning doesn't fit perfectly into one of our categories. These are just a starting place; we can tweak and edit as you like, or create something totally customized.


For budget-conscious couples seeking a professional wedding officiant to perform a short & sweet service--be it for two or 200.

Classic Custom Ceremony

For couples who want to develop a personal relationship with their wedding officiant while
co-creating a unique and memorable ceremony.


Photo courtesy of Jonathan Betz Photography

Kim & Patrick Married Jan 3, 2012

Lisa really helped us create the perfect ceremony for us and suggested some wonderful ways to include our son in the ceremony. She conducted the ceremony with a nice mix of solemnity and levity that brought both tears and laughter from everyone involved. It felt like she was an old friend.

ww couples choice 2017

Next Steps

The simplest way to get started on finding the officiant and ceremony level for you is to follow these three steps:

  1. Read over the the details descriptions of our Basic and Classic Custom ceremonies. 
  2. Look over the bios of our Colorado Springs wedding officiants to see who resonates with you the most. 
  3. Complete our contact form and tell us how we can help give you the most memorable wedding ceremony ever. We promise to get back to you within one business day. If you'd like a faster response, call us at 720-360-1094.