Estes Park Wedding Officiant Andrew Nave

Hi there! I’m Andrew Nave and I would love the opportunity to make your Estes Park wedding as adventurous or romantic as you wish!

While living and traveling for many years, my wife and I decided to make Colorado our home. In the past, we’ve lived in Pennsylvania, South Africa, Maine, Virginia, and Arizona. Our love for nature and the great outdoors is what brought us to Estes Park. We got engaged in Maine after traveling internationally for three months straight. Our agreement was if we could bear each other every single day for that long, we would have a decent foundation for our marriage. That foundation has brought us across the world together, with a smile on our faces.


My favorite passions are hiking, trekking, and travel. I have been a professional back country guide for many years. I also own and operate my own marketing and design business. In addition, I'm a certified Wilderness First Responder, so if you’re looking to for an adventure with a sense of safety I’m here for you!

Other enjoyable hobbies of mine are mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, and photography. I’m known to be quite the explorer, always wondering what's down another trail or road. I guess I've never lost my youthful curiosity of the unknown! We have a Corgi that loves adventuring with us that’s better traveled then some people I know! He enjoys going on hikes but after four miles or so he rides in the backpack (looking quite smug, I might add!).

You may find me at the local park teaching geology and forestry classes to visiting students. Nothing is more rewarding to me then having the ability to create a positive moment for individuals and having them hold on to it. Not only do I enjoy teaching, but continuing to educate myself is always a goal of mine.

I live with my wonderful wife in a quiet cabin outside of Estes Park deep in the Roosevelt National Forest, enjoying all that it has to offer. We’ve learned a lot through nature which made us who we are today. This won’t be our last adventure though - I love visiting and traveling to new places, fully immersing myself in the experience. I’m a firm believer that as long as you can believe in something, you can make it happen!

Loving to have a sense of humor to lighten a tense mood, I am known to come out of left field with a remark and be a little goofy when needed. I bring a top notch experience to your wedding! Whether it’s hiking to your favorite peak, or in your most peaceful setting - I’ll be there for you.

I am based in Drake, Colorado and officiate in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder, Longmont and Fort Collins.