Evergreen Wedding Officiant Nancy Nelson

In 2009, I left the security and comfort of my home in Kansas City and embarked on a wonderful new adventure in Colorado. I spent my career as a professional singer and voice coach and sang for hundreds of weddings throughout my career but I felt an inner voice telling me that there was more for me to do…..the mountains were calling.

I sold my home and almost everything I owned and moved to a tiny cabin in Evergreen, Colorado where I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t have a job. Scary and exhilarating are the words to describe the years that followed, but what a fantastic experience--to follow my inner voice and to trust that there are always new possibilities. Colorado is definitely the place I belong and I hope to be climbing 14ers as long as I can.

I have a grown son and daughter who are the loves of my life. After moving to Colorado, my daughter moved here from the East coast and has created a wonderful family and given me two incredible grandchildren.


I now work as a hospice chaplain, a non-denominational spiritual counselor and wedding officiant and my life is so richly rewarded serving others through life’s most profound and joy-filled moments. I hike and spend time in nature to restore and revitalize myself and am an avid reader. I have the deepest love for all animals and have been involved with animal rescue.

My personal philosophy is that every path in this life is valid and valuable and to be celebrated. So when working with you to create your special day, I will listen to your hearts for whatever expresses who the two of you are!

Your wedding ceremony will be a memorable occasion for you and your families and I look forward to sharing it with you. As a wedding officiant with Lyssabeth’s, I am excited to be a part of your grand adventure into commitment, new beginnings, celebration and LOVE.

When we say “YES” in our lives, we often find that there is something deeper that supports our decision and enriches our spirit.

I can’t think of a more beautiful setting for your wedding than here in the Colorado Rockies, which for me represent strength, tranquility and endurance.

I will bring to your special day my own life experience, my uplifting support, my heartfelt joy for your partnership and my sense of humor and laughter! Let’s create your amazing and personal ceremony with joy, for having found one another!

 Kevin and Christopher Married in Evergreen on February 14, 2015

Nancy is amazing! She was very personable, caring, professional, and took time to get to know us. Thank you, so much, for a great experience!